Vision, Mission and Values

This drives us


Our team “walks the talk.”

Almost every company posts a vision and mission. But what sets Silver Star Brands apart from other employers is that we work hard every day to bring these statements to life. Our vision and mission forms the backbone of our work culture, providing us a yardstick by which we can measure our work.

Our vision is the star on the horizon, guiding us daily in all we do.


Adding years to your life and life to your years.

Silver Star Brands

When we wrote our vision statement, we wanted it to say what we did, in a way that was easy to remember. We wanted people in our company to be able to use this language to describe what we do to friends and family members.

And, while we wanted the vision to be memorable, we also wanted it to be genuine. Our vision reflects the aspirations we have as a company. We believe we are in business to do more than provide products to our customers. Our goal is to enrich the lives of our customers, our team and our community.

It means striving to make the best of each day and working to better ourselves and those around us.

Our vision is the foundation upon which our work culture is built. So, whether you are a young member of our team or a member of our team who is young at heart, we can’t think of a better way to spend our workdays than to work in the exciting marketing field, catering to the 50+ market.


“To be the best customer-focused, multi-channel merchants that serve the 50+ market and deliver superior, sustainable growth to our stakeholders, with a safe, healthy and positive work environment for our fellow team members.”

Our mission drives us to put our customers first. We recognize and respect our customers’ distinct needs. We have empathy for them, valuing not only their business, but also their lives.

We do the same for our team. At Silver Star Brands, our team makes the difference. Together with our teammates, we work to live our mission and bring our vision to life. With our vision and mission as our guide, we look to our teams to build a great atmosphere, where teams are engaged and exceed customers’ expectations.

Our Values

Customers are the focus of what we do. All our efforts must center on exceeding customer expectations. Without customers, our work loses meaning. From thoughtful product selection and inviting catalog and website layouts to careful shipping and excellent call-center service, we make decisions with our customers’ best interests in mind. We want them to feel how much we care and to know our vision and mission without ever reading it. That is success. That is the true work culture at Silver Star Brands.

Products and Services power our growth. As a merchandise-driven company where “product is king,” we know that selecting new, relevant products is the lifeblood of our business. Because we value our customers, we are driven to provide them with valuable products and services that enrich their lives. Our merchandising team always finds something new, something intriguing, something needed and something unique. We pride ourselves on providing the best and innovative products along with classics and favorites.

Team members are the source of our strength and innovation. Team members provide our collective intelligence, determine our reputation and reflect our organization’s vitality. Involvement, teamwork, accountability, effective communication and continuous improvement are our core human values.

Trust is the soul of our organization and is never to be compromised. The conduct of our organization must be socially responsible and respected for its integrity and contributions to our community, team members, suppliers and all other business associates. We strive to project integrity, compassion and truthfulness in all we do.