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Staying Healthy in the Workplace: Aerobic Activity

You love your job. You find it challenging, fulfilling and you feel like you’re a key team player; just like we hoped you would! Once you sit down at your desk you zone in and the day just seems to fly by.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately though, studies show that the sedentary lifestyle that the office environment permits can lead to health issues and weight gain.

The good news?

There are many small changes you can make throughout the workday to fight back and live a healthier life!


Welcome to the Family, Native Remedies!

Silver Star Brands has acquired certain of the assets of Native Remedies® LLC.  The Native Remedies® brand will become part of Silver Star Brands, headquartered here in Oshkosh.  (more…)

America’s Healthiest Workplaces

We did it!

We are excited to announce that Silver Star Brands has been named one of America’s Healthiest Workplaces! (more…)

Wellness Connection


Introducing Wellness Connection!

As a retailer of a wide range of health and wellness products, it should come as no surprise that wellness is a big initiative at the Silver Star Brands corporate office. Just as we care about the health and well-being of our customers, we care about the health of our employees! (more…)