Professional Development

Learn and Succeed at Silver Star Brands

At Silver Star Brands, we make it a top priority to train team members. Our goal is help our team both excel in their jobs and grow as individuals.

Our belief in life-long learning and professional development provides opportunities for career growth and exploration. Our team members are creative, innovative and motivated. They challenge the status quo, try new things, and learn from both successes and failures.

Grow your career

As an individual team member, you may measure success by growth in your career. At Silver Star Brands, we help you do just that. Individuals work in cross-functional teams to understand all parts of the business, which enriches their work experience and improves their skill sets.

In these teams, individuals are encouraged—even expected—to share their thoughts and opinions. This is a point of pride among employees, as one employee stated: “Employees are given the opportunity to grow and learn by making suggestions and implementing them. You do not have to work solely within the confines of your current position.”

Training, tuition assistance and skill development through volunteerism

We support team members who want to advance their skills through a variety of professional development opportunities. We provide training for part-time and full-time employees as well as tuition assistance for qualifying employees.

We also encourage team members to build skills by becoming involved in the community. We believe that by donating time toward volunteering, you will gain knowledge and skills that transfer to your everyday work. Volunteering also helps make your community a fun, safe and healthy place to live and raise a family.

This focus on career development means team members often are promoted from within. Many top leaders, have progressed through the organization.