Part-Time Employment

Find the Schedule That Works for You!

Family. School. Job. Other responsibilities. We know that life is busy. That’s why we’ve created year-round, part-time jobs.

We know that it doesn’t take 40 hours a week to make every member of our team a great team member.

We offer a range of year-round, part-time jobs for those who prefer a schedule that is less than 40 hours per week. Whether you are looking for a part-time job at our corporate headquarters, call center or distribution center, we invite you to search part-time openings we currently have available.

Benefits, included.

It’s important to note that our part-time positions are not seasonal positions, they are year-round.These year-round positions include a competitive benefits package, including medical insurance, dental insurance and paid time off (PTO). Click here to learn more about the benefits of working at Silver Star Brands.

A Workplace Where YOU Can Make a Difference

In addition, as a year-round member of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in our unique, collaborative culture. In our team environment, you’ll have the chance to share your ideas andparticipate in our KIXS continuous improvement program. It’s the chance to make a real difference inyour work. In addition, you’ll work in a team that is committed to working together. Our culture is often cited as one of the top reasons members of our team love working at Silver Star Brands.

The Opportunity to Grow

If you start your employment at Silver Star Brands in a part-time position and ultimately decide you are ready for full-time employment, we offer opportunities for growth. We actively encourage our teammembers to develop and pursue career pathways through the company. In fact, many of our teammembers have worked their way through different positions at Silver Star Brands, including our CEO!