Staying Healthy in the Workplace: Aerobic Activity

You love your job. You find it challenging, fulfilling and you feel like you’re a key team player; just like we hoped you would! Once you sit down at your desk you zone in and the day just seems to fly by.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately though, studies show that the sedentary lifestyle that the office environment permits can lead to health issues and weight gain.

The good news?

There are many small changes you can make throughout the workday to fight back and live a healthier life!

Get moving!

  • Instead of emailing a coworker about a project, stop by their desk. Your response time will be faster and you’ll get the chance to add some additional steps to your workday.
  • When leaving for the day, skip the elevator leading to the parking garage and take the stairs.
  • Park farther away to add more steps to the beginning and end of your day. Bonus: If you park by one of the Silver Star Brands Wellness Parking signs and are caught in the act, you could win a prize or even a Golden Ticket to Health!
  • Walk to the bathroom that’s farthest from your office. It’ll provide a good mental and physical break.
  • Walk at lunchtime! Being located in City Center, we are very lucky to have a mall to walk in when the weather is less than ideal or a beautiful river walk when it is! Otherwise, Main St. provides a nice place to do some walking and window shopping!
  • Stand when you can. Standing activates your muscles and burns more calories; up 50 more calories to be exact. Though this may seem small, if you stand for 3 hours per day, 5 days a week, that’s an additional 750 calories. Multiply that by a year and you’ve burned an additional 30,000 calories – or the equivalent of 8lbs of fat! (BBC News)